Three Ninja Blender Reviews to Help You Get the Right Blender

Ninja Blender Reviews and Recommandations:

ninja blender reviewsWhen it comes time to equip your home kitchen with a blender, there’s one name that will keep popping up on every list you come across: The Ninja Blender.  Not only are Ninja Blenders affordable, they are also high-powered blending machines that will last you for years to come.  Their rugged durability and low-cost has made them one of the top-selling blenders on the market today.
In order to help you decide which model is right for your kitchen, we’ve put together three Ninja Blender reviews.  Let’s get started, shall we?

Ninja Blender Reviews—The Professional Ninja Blender

First up is the Ninja Professional blender, a professional quality appliance made with your home in mind.  This blender is crafted with aesthetics and performance in mind, giving you a sleek body that is only outshined by the blending performance.  Whether you need to blend fruits and veggies, puree soups, crush ice or process foods, the Ninja Professional will handle anything you can throw at it.

The Professional Ninja Blender has their patented Total Crushing blade which chops, pulverizes and blends with precision and power.  Plus, with the 72 oz pitcher, you can create drinks for your whole family, just like they came out of a professional kitchen.

The Ninja Professional Blender is also available with two Single Serve cups.  The cups are called the Nutri Ninja and give you 16 ounces of personalized service straight from the blender to your lips.  Complete with in-cup single serve blades, you can customize drinks for your guests without having to make them in the 72 oz pitcher.  This gives you the tools you need to play bartender in your own home.

Features of the Ninja Professional Blender:

  • 1,100 Watts of engine power
  • The Total Crushing Blade
  • A 72 oz. Pitcher with a lid
  • Three 3 Speeds
  • A Pulse setting
  • Model #: NJ600
  • Two 16 oz Nutri Ninja cups (optional with the Ninja Professional Blender with Single Serve (Model #BL660)

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Ninja Blender Reviews—The Ninja Kitchen System Pulse

Next up is the BL200, better known as the Ninja Kitchen System Pulse.  The Pulse is a big step up from other blenders on the market because it gives you much more than just a blender.   Ninja understands that not everybody has the kitchen space to get a separate appliance for each job there is to do during prep work for healthy eating and drinking, so they’ve combined a few appliances into one with their Ninja Kitchen System Pulse.

With the Pulse, you get a 40 oz processing bowl, a 48 oz. Pitcher and two Ninja Nutri single serving cups, each holding 16 oz of fluids.  Plus, you also get slicing, kneading, processing and shredding attachments with the Ninja Pulse, truly making it a Kitchen System.  These attachments are easy to use and clean, giving you the power to live a healthy lifestyle without causing you to spend more time and money than you actually have.

The slicer and shredding attachment turns your Pulse into a real food processor.  Then, in just a few seconds, you can blend frozen drinks and juice your way to healthier living while you take a break between exercises.  For dinner, whip up some health breads, pizzas and cookies with the processing feature of the Ninja Pulse.  When you’re done, clean-up is super simple and fast, getting you ready to wake up in the morning and juice some fresh fruits and veggies into a creamy smoothie.

Features of the Ninja Kitchen System Pulse:

A 48 oz pitcher with the Ninja Tech Blade and a locking lid

  • A 40 oz food processing bowl complete with its own Ninja Tech Blade
  • The Pulse Lid, proven to keep the ingredients exactly where you want them
  • A separate storage lid to keep everything neat and tidy, even when you’re not using it
  • Two 16 ounce Nutri Ninja cups with lids that allow you to custom blend, juice and pulse individual servings, just like the pros
  • A disk for slicing and shredding food, plus an adapter to make it easy to switch out and in
  • A grating disc for all of your toughest grating jobs
  • The Ninja Tech dough blade that allows you to create your own breads and pizza doughs
  • A special paddle for cookie dough

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Ninja Blender Reviews—Ninja Mega Kitchen System

Finally, we have the super ninja blender of the line. For those that want the full-on features of a kitchen that has every appliance but might not have the counter or storage space, the Ninja Mega Kitchen System is essentially and “all in one” appliance that meets the needs of families on the go.  At the core of this design is the want for healthy living in an age that demands you spend more and more time away from your home.  This leaves many without the ability to properly prepare the healthy foods and drinks that they would like.

In order to keep you out of the fast food line but not take away from any of your other obligations, the Ninja Mega Kitchen System provides you with a quick and easy to prepare those tasty, healthy meals for you and your family, without having to spend hours in the kitchen.  Best of all, it is a complete kitchen system—not just a blender—so it does a lot more than you’d ever imagine.

Powered by a 1,500 Watt 2 HorsePower motor, the powerful Ninja Mega Kitchen System (Model #: BL770) provides you with enough power to get any job done.  Plus, the Ninja Blade Tech system is able to cut through your toughest jobs while still being gentle enough to get the most delicate recipes down cold.  And since the idea here is to get the whole family to eat and drink right, the Ninja Mega Kitchen System comes with an oversized 72 oz. Pitcher, a 64 oz. Processing bowl, two 16 oz. Single serving drinking cups and enough attachments to allow you to:

  • Juice fruits and veggies into juice drinks that get you and your family all of the proper nutrients that you need to live a cleaner, healthier lifestyle—even on the go!
  • Blend frozen drinks and create the creamiest smoothies you’ve ever tasted in just a few seconds, using all natural fruit and ice.
  • Mix dough quicker and faster than ever before with the Ninja dough mixer, which allows you to mix two pounds of dough in only thirty seconds.
  • Process and chop up all of your ingredients to make cooking healthier easy, quick and fun for the whole family.

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